Climate & GHG Emissions
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Plan SCWA: SCWA final report July 22 07.pdf (2007)
GHG Emissions Water Supply-Inventory: SCWA final Rosenblum report July 22 07.pdf (2007)

Groundwater Rights, Regulations and Reuse: Jane-Nielson-Lorman-handout.pdf (2007)
Subsidence in the Santa Rosa Plain Groundwater Basin: Funning-article-GRLvol30 (2007)
Subsidence in the SR Plain: Map.png   Map+note.pdf (2007)
Status of Groundwater Management in California DWR: CAgwMgmt10jan05-final.pdf (2005)
Sierra Club Sonoma Group Policy Statement on Groundwater: SC-position-statement.pdf (2004)
Groundwater Management in California DWR: gw_manage_dwr_1999.pdf (1999)

Sonoma County: Development Plans
Sonoma West article, Guy Wilson: Op-Ed Sebastopol NE Plan (2007)
Codding Enterprises Sonoma Mountain Water Plan: CoddingWaterPlan.pdf (2006)

Sonoma County: Flood Control
Act 7757 Sonoma Cty Flood Control & Water Conservation District Act : Act-7757.pdf (1974)

Sonoma County: Urban Water Supply
Rosenblum on UWMP’s: JohnR-UWMPs-July2011.pdf (2011)
UWMPA Respondent’s Brief: Respondent’s Brief.pdf (2007)
UWMPA Complaint: Verified Petition.pdf (2007)
Water Users Restructured Agreement: Restructured Agreement 2006.pdf (2006)
2005 Urban Water Management Plan: 2005_uwmp_report.pdf (2005)
Sonoma County Grand Jury Report “Got Water?”: (2004)

Water Conservation
Sonoma County Environmental Resources Guide: greenguide_design 4b.pdf (2007)

Water Recycling
Comment Letter to State Water Board: RecycledH2OCommentsFINAL.pdf (2007)

Watersheds: Russian River: Gravel Mining
Testimony of Robert R. Curry: CurryTestimony1-25-06withExhibits[1] (2006)
Sonoma County Aggregate Plan-Management Section: ARM.pdf (1994)